The real estate market in Flores is booming. Now is the time to secure great opportunities.

Presenting excellent property investment opportunities in Flores and Labuan Bajo, Indonesia including Flores Islands for sale, Flores Beachfront land for sale and Hillside land for sale in Flores.  This site also presents you with essential information to consider when buying land in Flores, helping you make an informed choice.

Why Is Flores Real Estate Booming?

1. Flores - The Next Big Thing In Indonesian Tourism  (Local and International markets) Read More on Lonely Planet

2. Strong Property Investment Demand from international buyers especially from Singapore, Bali ( expats and locals) and Java Investors.

3. The Fastest growing regency in Indonesia. Development strongly encouraged and supported by the government.

4. Stunning Natural Beauty - Dazzling crystal clear waters, impressive mountains.

5. Abundant World Class Diving Spots 100's of diving spots within Komodo National Park and outside the park around abundant breathtaking islands. Read on...

6. New Airport only 5 minutes from the port of Labuan Bajo including new direct flights from Singapore and Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. Read More

7. Friendly Locals - Yes they are laid back, cool and friendly people.

8. New and Planned Infrastructure - New Airport under construction, New Flights and New wide, well made Roads under construction heading east and west along the coast from Labuan Bajo.

9. Playground of the rich and famous - A famous yachting getaway destination for many.

10. Flores and the Bali connection - Most people that fly into Labuan bajo are coming from Bali. Many locals ( expats and Indonesians) have bought land on Islands, Beaches, and the hillsides already. Many of the existing buyers are key investors - restauranteurs, 5 star hotel and business owners, tourism operators and the like - All set to create a strong community which points to a secure investment future for Flores.

11. Komodo National Park: UNESCO World Heritage Site - and also recently listed as a potential New 7 Wonders Of Nature. Tourists from all over the world come here specifically to visit this special park including the main Islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar. And to see the famous Komodo Dragon.

12. Labuan Bajo - A port with a lot of soul - When you arrive to Labuan Bajo you cannot help but feel in awe of the amazing views! Looking out from any part of the port you see so many  islands and a world class sunset in the distance. The port has got this sleepy ramshackle feel to it- it really feels unique. A lot of timber is used in construction and this adds a special feeling to the atmosphere. Labuan Bajo has got soul. Read on...

13. World Class Sailing - Sail Komodo - A picture perfect location for sailing with so many islands and wow factor sunsets - Attracting 1000's of tourist is the Sail Komodo Event Read More

Islands In Flores, Indonesia

Flores is blessed with spectacular islands surrounded by crystal clear aqua waters teeming with sea life. Many island are within the National Park however some are outside the National Park.

Sebayur Besar Island
Sebayur Kecil Island
Bangkau Island
Seraya Besar Island
Seraya Kecil Island
Sababi Island
Pungu Besar Island
Pungu Kecil Island
Kukusan Island
Kanawa Island
Mesa Island
Gadoh Island
Kelor Island
Selama Island
Bajo Island
Tenga Island
Tebolon Island
Kokoloan Island
Sabolan Besar Island
Sabolan Kecil Island
Bidadari Island
Situri Island

Flores Beachfront And Hillside Land For Sale

Rangko Bay
Golo Curu (Welcome Mountain)